Gain expertise in managing projects by enrolling in the online PMP training

The cycle of managing a project right from initiation to closing is a crucial thing and involves many ups and downs during the complete cycle. After knowing all the criticalities involved in the management of the project, the organizations tend to hire a PMP certified professional. The PMP online training provides the important knowledge related to project management and helps the project managers to acquire this certification.PMP-training

The PMP training is intended for the professionals who have certain experience in the field of project management. It means that it is primarily the working professionals who need to enroll in the training. Keeping this in mind, the training is conducted in an online mode so that the working professionals can learn the project management skills without hampering their work. The candidates can connect with the trainer anytime of the day and from anywhere around the globe just with a computer system and a good Internet connection. The trainers help the candidates in preparing for the certification exam based on the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOKĀ®) Guide. The training insights the candidates on the following:

  • How the different parts of project integrate with each other.
  • How to gather requirements and define scope.
  • Learn how to create WBS, Network diagrams, develop schedules.
  • How to determine project cost, Management cost, contingency costs, etc.
  • What is Quality control and Quality assurance and how this is applicable to the projects.
  • How to acquire, develop and manage project teams.
  • Meeting the project reporting requirements etc.
  • Understand what are known unknown & what unknown unknowns are.
  • Determine what is to be purchased, how to be purchased, when to be purchased etc.
  • How to manage stakeholders.

All the above mentioned aspects of project management are important from the certification point of view and also help you in working as an expert project manager in your organization. Through online PMP training you will strengthen your management skills and get better job opportunities in this field. Read More

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