Have a glimpse on the wide scope of the CATIA software

CATIA is a software by Dassault Systèmes, with the ability to design any product and at the same time, do so in the context of real-life behavior. The CATIA online training allows the learners to gain insight on this software and know how to design, style, surface workspace and visualize shapes. Here is given the list of different industries in which CATIA is being employed, thus widening its scope:



CATIA has been used for a long time by several companies involved in designing aircraft. CATIA V3 was earlier used by the Boeing Company used to develop its 777 airliner, and is presently using CATIA V5 for designing its 787 series aircraft.


Many automotive companies use CATIA to varying degrees, such as in designing of tires for automotive or aerospace and for car structures like door beams, roof rails, IP supports, side rails, bumper beams and body components.


CATIA V5 release 8 includes certain special features that are beneficial in shipbuilding. CATIA has been used to design the latest fast attack submarine class for the United States Navy, the Virginia class.

Industrial Equipments

CATIA helps the heavy mobile machinery and highly mechanized equipments. The complexity levels of industrial equipments are high and so is the making, therefore CATIA is needed in such cases.


CATIA has also been used to in architectural domain to design unique architectural structures. In addition to this, CATIA can also be used by consumer goods packaging industries to optimize their packaging process. Companies like Suzlon, Nikon, Nokia and Pegatron have also been using this software to design their products.

It can be seen that the scope of CATIA is very vast, spreading its wings into several industries. Enrolling in an online CATIA training can help aspirants (candidates mainly from the stream of mechanical engineering) in gaining an in-depth knowledge about this software and carving a future in any of these industries. Read More

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