How to Prepare for SAP HANA Certification Exam?

Want to build career in HANA?

Start with these 3 steps and go ahead towards your goals.

Have a look at them.


Step 1: Gather Information about SAP HANA

Getting the certification is difficult but it becomes tedious when you don’t have clear objectives and approach. To avoid pitfalls in your way, better to dig deep in to the fundamentals of SAP HANA much before you start planning for the same. Sit for hours, think aggressively, explore as much options as you can, and gather information about each and every aspect of SAP HANA that you must know to pursue further in this domain.

As our ancestors say, prevention is better than cure, it’s better to get acquaintance with SAP requisites and exam pattern rather than regretting later for the failure.

The key areas that you should focus while exploring SAP HANA knowledge includes, but certainly not limited to:

  • What’s exactly SAP HANA is all about?
  • What’s so unique about this database?
  • Who should go for this certification?
  • What are the career scopes?
  • A bit about SAP HANA courses

Step 2: Choose the right profile for you

SAP HANA certification gives a boost to one pursuing or beginning their career as a SAP HANA Administrator, Modeler, or Application Developer. Before you start planning for the one of these certifications, think extensively and make your mind which profile you want to continue with. Once, you are done with this, start preparing for the respective certification.

Step 3: Scheduling and preparing for the certification

Make a schedule and stick to it, if you want to pass the SAP HANA certification exam. Please remember, the exam would test your knowledge and skills at its peak. So, be ready to see some tricky challenges on your exam.

However, you can take help form SAP HANA online training courses. They are apt for the preparation of SAP HANA certification and can be undertaken by either the students or the working professionals.

In Conclusion

Proper planning and hard work can help you build a bright and steady career in HANA. So, practice hard and earn your certification.

Good Luck.

Hope this works for you.

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