IBM® WebSphere® Transformation Extender: The Next Step in Evolution of Data Transformation Technology

As technology advances, new challenges are presented and the industry needs to find novel solutions to tackle these challenges. Since we are living in a digital age, one of the biggest problems faced by businesses the world over are related to storage, processing, transformation and interpretation of data. As a tech giant, IBM® has been engaged in developing innovative and sophisticated solutions for efficient handling of data. WebSphere® Transformation Extender (WTX) represents an entire range of solutions offered by IBM®, focused on transformation of large volumes of data to help organizations manage their data in an efficient manner.

IBM WebSphere Transformation Extender

An organization from almost any industry would usually generate large volumes of data from a range of operations it may undertake including customer operations and business partner transactions among other things. WTX helps organizations integrate their data from any number of their operations but depending on the industry different types of data may be generated which would give rise to the need for customized solutions for the same. Keeping this in view, IBM® has offered predefined packs for dealing with data from Healthcare, Insurance and Financial Services sector. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is another area where data integration services extended by WTX can be of great utility.

What is EDI?

EDI involves automated exchange of business documents between two computers without any need for using traditional approaches including email or fax. In EDI, an automated exchange of documents takes place directly between two computers, usually between business partners. One common example is release of purchase order and invoice by buyers and sellers respectively. In EDI, the buyers’ system sends the purchase order and sellers’ system accepts it and sends back an invoice as part of an automated exchange process.

An increasing number of businesses are using EDI for the ease of access, enhanced security and responsiveness it affords. The business product specifically designed for EDI is WebSphere®Data Interchange, which can be used along with other WebSphere®business integration products offered.

Some of these IBM®products are:

Sterling B2B Integrator:

This product facilitates efficient integration of complex B2B processes taking place between business partners and business communities. This tool is especially helpful for improving business processes that extend beyond organizational boundaries.

WebSphere® Message Broker:

It is an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) offers a fast-paced, simple and flexible system employed for EDI. It helps bring added business value, makes it possible for heterogeneous IT systems to communicate and costs lesser than more conventional solutions.

Business Process Manager (BPM):

This product works as a business process management platform which offers a highly integrated environment for design and execution of processes. It also helps monitor and improve processes thus leading to enhanced productivity for user-end.

IBM® offers a host of other products to help businesses ease the growing pressure on their infrastructure and help enhance efficiency of their processes in a streamlined manner. Where all of these tools deal with individual aspects, WTX offers a comprehensive solution for businesses by bringing them together.

Significance of WTX for Businesses:

WTX offers universal data transformation and integration across diverse business processes and extends the capabilities of an entire range of IBM® data integration tools along with those discussed above. WTX can also be deployed on the cloud to further enhance the scalability and flexibility afforded by this innovative solution, while reducing the strain in terms of maintaining physical IT infrastructure for businesses.

The industry demand is on the rise for professionals with requisite skills and capabilities to utilize the WTX for enhancing business processes across diverse industry verticals. In the current scenario, it is only recommended for professionals interested in exploring this field to enroll for quality training programs to gain better understanding of these data integration tools. Multisoft Virtual Academy is a valued e-learning institution offering IBM®WebSphere® Transformation Extender – Essentials Online Training for interested professionals to help prepare them for an exciting career in this direction.

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