Informatica – A best-in-class ETL tool for Data Integration

Informatica is a widely used ETL tool that helps in the extraction of data from the source and converting it as per the business requirements. Informatica PowerCenter primarily works on client tools, repository server, and server.

Informatica PowerCenter online training


ETL refers to the trio of the processes which is called the Extract-Transform-Load in its expanded form. ETL transfers the raw data from the parent source and sends it to the relational database or the data warehouse. It is believed that data must always be formatted and simplified for loading in the types of storage systems allocated for data.

Tasks accomplished by ETL

Let’s get an insight into the tasks that are accomplished by ETL:

Extract: This is the first phase under the ETL wherein data is collected from either one or more than one source and is stored in the temporary storage area. Under this area, the rest of the two phases are executed. While extracting the data, various rules are implemented in order to check, if it contains the required values for the data warehouse. The data that does not meet the validation needs is sent for processing as to why it failed in execution.

Transform: Under this phase, the processing of data is done for making the values and structures to look-alike across the entire data. The common transformations involve the categories like joining the data from two values into one, date formatting, re-sorting rows or columns of data, or, splitting the data from one value into two.

Load: This last phase in the process is used to move the data to the final target database. Once the data gets loaded, the process reaches the completion stage. However, numerous organizations perform ETL on the regular basis to make the data warehouse upgraded with the advanced data.

Informatica PowerCenter satisfies the needs of the organizations by using its ETL tools and help them to get the data integrated in one place without any confusions. But, this can only be done by the professionals having an apt knowledge of handling the data in a proper manner, as a minor error may lead to the loss of important data.

Hence, the ones who wish to gain the knowledge of the concepts of Informatica can opt to join the Informatica PowerCenter online training course. Multisoft Virtual Academy provides the online training program with the updated course curriculum that is imparted by the industry experts. Also, there is a facility of getting the customized batches depending upon the availability of the candidates as per their work schedules.

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