Learn Cloud Data Integration Services just in 32 hours!

The practice of integrating used data is technically known as cloud data integration. It is introduced to the market for creating unified data stores accessed by all relevant users and applications. Multisoft Virtual Academy has come up with 32-hour instructor-led online training on this burning technology. We are blessed with 20 years of existence, 1000+ courses, 1000+ subject matter experts, 24*7 E-learning LMS, 5K+ LinkedIn followers, and advanced analytical reports. We have been conducting live interactive webinars for this technology. Talk to our Program Manager to get up to a 20% discount on this IICS Cloud Data Integration Services Online Training! Our program managers are ready to help you with your doubts and queries. Plus, we have a panel of expert subject matter experts.

  • Our trainers are driven by the desire to educate
  • Our trainers are associated with online training for a long time 
  • Our trainers invite the learners to choose from plan A and plan B
  • Our trainers renew your confidence and help you to stay motivated 
  • Our trainers push you a little harder and maintain your learning speed 
  • Our trainers are committed to fulfilling your personal requirements
  • Our trainers try to keep you accountable in learning 

Multisoft is one of the topmost names in the world of online training. We have mastered the art of delivering self-paced training, instructor-led training, Customized Corporate Training, and Build Your Own Schedule Training. We have designed the Informatica Cloud Training Course Online to help the professionals in creating Task flows, dealing with Asset Management, creating Masking task and Mass Ingestion task, describing Informatica Cloud Architecture, creating connections, dealing with Data Transfer Tasks, configuring advanced administration settings in IICS, using the Intelligent Structure Model to parse data, configuring custom roles in IICS, and using IICS REST web services for data integration. This 32 Hrs. Instructor-led Online Training is ideally designed for the Operators and Developers with a burning desire to grow. 

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