Learn SAP Analytics Cloud in 40 hours!

SAC or SAP Analytics Cloud was introduced in 2015 as SAP Cloud for Planning. In 2017, SAP Analytics Cloud becomes the first tool in the world of business intelligence to cover all three aspects of data visualization, planning, and predictive analytics. Germany based software company SAP released a product as SAP Cloud for Planning to offer planning functionalities to the companies. It was introduced in 2015 as SAP Cloud for Planning, and then the company renamed it as SAP Business Objects Cloud after the addition of a business intelligence layer. In the later years, SAP added an additional component of predictive analytics functionalities to offer a better cloud product to the companies. With enhanced features, SAP management renamed it to SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC). 

Learn SAP Analytics Cloud in 40 hours!

This HANA Cloud-based Platform tool is widely used for Reporting, Visualization/Dashboard, Planning, and content creation. With the addition of new features in the later years, the company renamed it SAP Business Objects Cloud and SAP Analytics Cloud. SAC enables the organizations to obtain data in two methods – Data Import and Direct read from the database/ERP. SAP Analytics Cloud Online Course is a 40-hour-instructor-led training delivered by highly skilled SAP trainers. Go for it if you want to work with advanced analytics! Designed to represent business intelligence, augmented analytics, predictive analytics, and planning capabilities in a combined way, this tool is powered by business intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. This SAP product enables the organizations to obtain data in two methods – Data Import and Direct read from the database/ERP. The data source can be a file, an OData service, an SAP system, or an SQL database in the first case, i.e., data import. In the second case, the company can capture refreshed real-time data by connecting HANA, BW, BPC or any other SAP system.  

SAP Analytics Cloud is designed to help organizations in inserting formulas as well as modifying values of recovered characteristics. It is also ideal for exploring and highlighting your data with graphs, tables or any other graphical components. With SAP Analytics Cloud Online Training, budget planning versions can be created and modified from existing financial statements. To give a clear view of the current state of organizational budget planning, the planning team uses this SAP product to combine both financial and operational statements in the same tool. By offering artificial intelligence innovations, it helps companies in automated content creation. The parent company has added artificial intelligence innovations to this cloud product. This new feature helps the enterprises in highlighting relevant metrics or predicting future results. AI innovation also helps companies in smart data discovery, detection of off-trend records, and identification of influential characteristics. 

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