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Data has become crucial for the companies globally. The exponential growing volume of the unstructured data has increased the demand for taming the same to garner insights from it. This has favorably increased the demand for Hadoop globally. Apart from adding new interactive capabilities in the existing database management services, Hadoop can enhance the speed and lower the costsof data retrieval, recovery and modification. This advancement has incredibly affected the popularity of Hadoop as one of the preferable data management tools. Today every fortune 500 company is using Hadoop for data management including names like NASA, Google, Walmart and Facebook. As per the market report by Transparency Market Research, the global Hadoop market is expected to reach USD 20.9 billion in 2018.

Promising Career

The Big Data Survey conducted by New Vantage Partners LLC, which included 90 Managers and is supported by the Fortune 1000 top notch business experts, has shown that 90% of the companies have already started tapping the benefits of Hadoop. This is a clear indication of the bright future prospects of Hadoop.  This has also triggered the market for the institutions providing Big Data Hadoop Training.

More opportunities

The current rising demand of the Data Analysts is being regarded to be a great opportunity for the IT professionals. Technical professionals who are experienced in Data Analytics are highly in-demand by organizations that are looking to exploit the power and potential of Big Data analytics.

The surveys conducted by job sites like Indeed and Dice have been showing a steep increase in the job postings related to Analytics.

percentage of worldwide job posting

Better Salaries

Looking at the market forecast, the prospects seem promising in the fieldHadoop online Training will enhance the opportunities for you, whether you are a fresher or a professional with some quality experience. Gartner, the pioneer has suggested that there is a great gap in the demand and the candidates available to fill the positions. This provides a great opportunity for the IT professionals who want to have great career ahead. In order to bridge the gap, professionals can get themselves trained in the concepts of Apache Hadoop and make themselves more employable.

Top Recruiters

YAHOO and Google being the leading recruiters, Hadoop trained professionals are needed across the industry in large numbers. LinkedIn is one of the best places to get the information regarding the numbers. Looking at the numbers, it can be concluded that Big Data and Hadoop are here to stay. For those who have been eyeing the opportunity to make it big in IT, this is indeed the right opportunity.The growing enterprise importance in Hadoop and other big data technologies like Hive, Pig, HBase, MapReduce, Zookeeper, and Hcatalog is driving demand for increased number of Hadoop developer jobs and Hadoop administration jobs with healthy paying premiums.

% of Hadoop profiles required across industry

With the Hadoop online Trainingit has become quite easy to join the race of the Big data Analytics. This tremendously rising expertise space in the Big Data can be passed through comprehensive learning about the working architecture of the Hadoop concepts which enables the professionals to append the Big Data skills to their career profile. Multisoft Virtual Academy is one such name which has garnered enough repute in delivering trainings to the professionals globally. Get started with Hadoop Online Training at Multisoft Virtual Academy to gain expert mentorship and a desirable push to your career. Read More

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