Most commonly asked SAP IS Retail Interview Questions

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Below given are some of the most commonly asked SAP IS Retail Interview Questions:

1.What is SAP IS Retail?

The IS retail solution helps bring marketing, merchandise, supply chain and IT to provide competitive edge to a business. The retail solution provides a complete integration for all the divisions / business processes of a retail company, which is typically food and beverages, hard goods and fashion retailers. The solution is highly customizable to suit varied requirements.

2.What version of SAP IS Retail have you worked with?

SAP IS Retail has many different versions active in the market, 4.0, 4.7, and currently, more common new implementations are being done in ECC 5.0 and ECC 6.0.

3.What is MAP?

MAP stands for Merchandise and Assortments Planning

4.How do you maintain promotions in SAP IS Retail?

Promotions are maintained via a transaction called WAK1, the pricing conditions are created and transferred down to POS or other systems.

5.What is stored in the table WLK1?

Listing conditions are stored in the table WLK1. The important things apart from the listing that WLK1 contains are validity dates and module numbers.

6.What is a Markdown and what does SAP IS Retail provides in this regard?

Markdowns have phased down the reduction in prices, which may be due to seasonal pricing, vendor-sponsored price changes, effort to reduce inventory, etc. Basically, markdowns provide a strategy to reduce the price of a particular article in a phased-down manner, with equal or varying % of the price being reduced at regular intervals.

SAP IS Retail provides tools to manage this. It provides tools to plan a markdown, activate, and send the data down to the stores. It also provides various reports to see how the different markdowns are doing.

7.What are some of the features of the Markdown tool in SAP IS Retail?

Some of the key features are: Plan markdown items, quantities, and prices assign stores to use markdown rules and schedules to control which items are active at what prices during each phase. Slow-Seller Management tool automate markdown schedule based on inventory and timing; Pre-season or in-season planning and execution; Visibility to costs and key figures; Flexible ‘what-if’ simulations to achieve desired goals and margins miss maintenance – many items, multiple levels, concurrent users can work the same markdown plan analytics – create tailored reports to track KPIs, sell-through, and make adjustments, as needed integration to regular retail price management.

8.Can you configure the system to handle multiple currencies?


9.What is a change pointer?

Change pointers are a concept in SAP that allows the system to manage the changes happening to Master data, pricing, or in general anything data change. Different change pointers are created and they are used to transfer the changes down to other systems like BW, POS, eBusiness, Manugistics, etc.

10.How do you create an article in SAP IS Retail?

Using MM41 transaction

11.What is a stock transfer order?

A stock transfer order is a PO that triggers the transfer of stocks between sites/stores within the same company.

12.Is it required that the distribution center and stores involved in the STO are in the same company code?


13.Can we generate return deliveries from stock transfer orders in SAP MM?

Yes, we can generate return deliveries to the sending store in the STO

14.How is the physical goods issue posted when the merchandise is returned in SAP MM?

Physical goods issue is posted as negative goods receipt when merchandise is returned.

15.Can you have multiple vendors associated with a single PO in SAP MM in SAP IS Retail solution?

No, a single vendor can always be associated with the PO

16.What do you understand about space management in SAP IS Retail?

Space management deals with optimizing the positioning of an article on a shelf. Key figures are defined that determine how space will be managed, which is usually done based on sales data, revenue data, or the gross margin.

17.hat is a Pricing profile of an article?

The pricing profile controls whether the variant sales prices are the same or different to the sales price of the generic article.

18.What other tables are updated when the listing is created?


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