Not just hard, know how to work smart in Microsoft Excel by learning Macros

Macros are the commands present in Microsoft Excel in order to automate the repetitive tasks. These macros are written in MS Excel by using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). The Macros online training provides familiarity with VBAs and Macros and shows how they can be used in order to avoid performing repeated tasks.Microsoft-Excel The training will start from explaining how to create a simple macro, how to execute a macro, understand VBA language, create graphs and charts using macros, and much more. You will also be able to create and run complex macros created from a series of keystrokes using the macro dialogue box, as you further proceed through the training. The other things that you will learn from this training are as follows:

  • Introduction to Programming
  • Using macro recorder
  • Getting Familiar with VBA Editor
  • Creating modules
  • Generating code from macro recorder
  • Understanding the code
  • Writing basic code
  • Reference types in recording code

The Excel Macros offers several advantages to its users. The common and repetitive keystrokes used in Excel to create and edit spreadsheets are automated by the use of Macros. Due to the reduction in the number of keystrokes used, the speed of production is increased and the time spent at an electronic spreadsheet each day is reduced. The possibility of human error that can occur with the repetitive tasks becomes very less and the amount of time that must be spent performing basic computing tasks is also reduced. Shortcut buttons can also be assigned to a macro for performing common functions like formatting cells for text, adding formulas to spreadsheets, assigning rows to a target, etc.

However, to take full advantage of macros, it is very important that you understand it from the basic. The Macros training online is very helpful for those who want to learn the skills required for creating and running macros. This training is intended for the professionals who work on Microsoft Excel and are tired of doing repetitive work. Read More

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