PMI Announces Changes in PMP Exam Pattern from January 11, 2016

PMP® is known worldwide as a credential that certifies a person to be able to manage and handle projects in a more effective manner. PMP is considered as the standardized way for the companies to pick up the desirable candidates. Moreover, the best benefits of PMP are that it is globally accepted in all virtues. Hence, a candidate doesn’t remain confined to a particular work area.

PMP is Changing2

If a person holds a PMP certificate, there are chances of earning 17% (as per Project Management Salary Survey—Eighth Edition) more than those who are non-certified Project Managers. Thus, PMP certification paves a way for the candidates that help them reach higher growth graphs in their career.

Recently, Role Delineation Study (RDS) gave an updated report about the project management professional role. The outcome of the research study was based on a large-scale survey of global PMP certification, which required updating the domains, tasks, knowledge and skills. The changes will be implemented and effective from January 11, 2016.

Percentage-wise changes implemented in PMP exam pattern:

There are five domains in PMP exam, which remain the same in number. However, the ratio of the questions asked from each domain has been changed as per the new norms.


You can see the changes mentioned above mainly in two domains – Executing and Closing. The percentage of Executing domain has been hiked by 1%, and that of the Closing process shall be less by 1%.

Change of Content in Domains, Tasks, Knowledge and Skills:

Below is a summary of the tasks that have been added to the 5 process groups:


With addition of new tasks, the aspirants of PMP certification will now have to study a bit more under each process group. The tasks have been added in almost all the domains, except the Closing domain.

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