Primavera P6: Tracking and Managing Project Progress

What is Primavera 6?

Primavera P6 online training | What is Primavera 6?

Primavera P6 is a robust and versatile project management software developed by Oracle Corporation. It’s recognized globally for its ability to manage large-scale, multifaceted projects across a range of industries, including engineering, construction, aerospace, and defense, among others.

Primavera P6 offers a comprehensive solution for project, program, and portfolio management, from planning to development and execution. It provides tools to strategize, evaluate, and control project information, ensuring efficient and effective project delivery. Key features of Primavera P6 include Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), resource management, cost estimation, and risk analysis. Furthermore, it offers advanced scheduling capabilities, allowing managers to create, track, and visualize project schedules, thereby facilitating timely and well-informed decision-making. By aiding in efficient resource allocation, task coordination, and progress tracking, Primavera P6 online training by Multisoft Virtual Academy plays an instrumental role in driving project success.

Project planning is essential to value as many business opportunities as possible at low costs during a shorter period, considering 4P- Predicting, Planning, Progress, and Performance output including, which has a direct impact upon the recommended Primavera success and durability of the organization. Primavera is exclusively designed to work with one organization at a time.

Primavera P6 Project Management

Primavera P6 offers a comprehensive suite of tools for efficient project management, enabling organizations to handle their projects and portfolios more effectively and achieve successful project outcomes.

Primavera P6 also excels in managing project portfolios. It allows organizations to visualize their portfolio, prioritize work, and align resources with strategic goals. It’s also possible to evaluate the risk and reward of individual projects within the portfolio. With advanced reporting capabilities, Primavera P6 training – Project Management can generate detailed reports and charts, providing stakeholders with valuable insights into project performance and progress.

Why Primavera Project Management?

Primavera P6 is a preferred choice for project management because it offers a comprehensive suite of tools designed to handle complex, large-scale projects across a variety of industries. Its powerful features make it possible to manage multiple projects simultaneously while maintaining high levels of efficiency and control.

With Primavera P6, project managers can create detailed Work Breakdown Structures (WBS), allowing for an organized, hierarchical representation of tasks that help in planning, tracking, and managing the project. Its advanced scheduling and resource allocation features ensure optimum utilization of resources and timely project completion. Primavera P6 also provides extensive reporting capabilities, offering real-time insights into project performance and facilitating informed decision-making. Its portfolio management feature allows organizations to align their project portfolios with strategic objectives, balance resource allocation, and assess risks and returns.

Thus, Primavera P6 certification course fosters better project control, productivity, and success, making it an excellent choice for project management.

Primavera’s Project Management Consists of:

  • Centralized Resource Management
  • Report Wizard
  • Threshold Management
  • Issue Management
  • Integrated Risk Management


P3 functions as a standalone software designed for use by a single user on a dedicated machine, whereas P6 operates as a multi-tier system designed for simultaneous use by multiple users. P6 incorporates a backend database and a web server in the front-end with an application layer sandwiched in between.

This web server allows users to connect to the system through web interfaces like Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. The setup of P6 is incredibly scalable, supporting millions of activities. It is ideally suited for companies that have diverse operations spread across various geographical locations and a global workforce.


P6 is designed to assist in the execution of projects. As defined in the realm of project management, a project is a distinct, temporary undertaking aimed at producing a unique product or service. The interpretation of ‘project’ can vary widely across different industries, but it is a fundamental aspect of much of the commercial world. For instance, the term ‘project’ isn’t limited to construction alone. Creating a movie, for example, is a project, as is producing entertainment in today’s context. The production of a movie, television show, or music album typically involves a large team.

A Project consists of:

  • Work scope
  • Resources and 
  • Timeline


Oracle’s Primavera P6 Professional Project Management tool is highly valued by contemporary project managers and schedulers for the control it offers. It’s specifically engineered to manage extensive, complex, and nuanced projects, boasting capabilities that can handle up to 100,000 activities.

The tool provides various unique methods for organizing and managing these activities. Primavera P6 also supports an unlimited number of target plans and resources, ensuring that no project is too large or complex to handle. Essentially, Primavera P6 empowers organizations to maintain logical and coherent project structures, enabling them to concentrate on enhancing strategic planning and making more informed decisions.

P6 Core Concept

P6 is a scheduling application which means varies greatly therefore each project shares some common characteristics through the output changes. Here is the list of P6 Core Concepts:

  • Cost Management
  • Deliverables
  • Purchases
  • Work Scope
  • Time Management

New Features in Primavera P6 Version 8

  • P6 Version 8 comes with enhanced risk management tools. For monitoring and tracking risks, included a risk register and risk scoring matrix.
  • EPPM version is ultimately a web-based interface. Users can quickly create and manage their project schedules through the web, using Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Internet Explorer.
  • It is a customized version with Tabbed views and configurable toolbars for easy navigation.
  • Unlike prior versions, Version 8 consists of templates as a part of the central P6 database. One can manage and secure them through a web interface. 
  • Oracle BI is the reporting engine of the P6 enterprise, which also reports the full range of Oracle products


This guide provides a brief introduction to the key features of Primavera P6 training – Project Management course. As you continue to use the software, you’ll become more comfortable with its functionalities and learn how to leverage its features to effectively manage your projects.

Primavera P6 is a powerful project management tool designed to handle complex, large-scale projects. It facilitates detailed planning, resource allocation, and efficient tracking of project progress. As a beginner, understanding the user interface, creating a project, defining a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), adding and sequencing activities, assigning resources, and scheduling are key steps to master. With consistent practice and hands-on experience, Primavera P6 can greatly enhance your project management skills, contributing to successful project execution and delivery. So, enroll now in Multisoft Virtual Academy for the best!

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