Structural Designing Using STAAD.Pro®

STAAD.Pro® is the most widely used software in the construction industry. The use of STAAD.Pro® has revolutionized the designing industry. Earlier it took days to complete and finalize a building design, but now with STAAD.Pro® software, designing can be done in few minutes.

Staad Pro Online Training

The construction industry is an ever expanding industry and so the demand for qualified structural engineers with knowledge of STAAD.Pro® has increased tremendously. Multisoft Virtual Academy offers online STAAD Pro v8i Training to Civil Engineers, Structure Engineers and Project Engineers. In the present day STAAD.Pro® is one of the leading design software in the market. So a person with a strong knowledge of this software sure holds the edge. STAAD.Pro® v8i is the latest version that allows civil engineers to analyze structural designs in terms of factors like force, load, displacements, etc. It allows structural designers to design any structure through its flexible modeling environment and advanced features.

The benefits of using STAAD.Pro® v8i for structural designing includes availability of a large variety of design codes, highly customizable software, and contains designing tools to cover all aspects of structural engineering. With so many advantages, a knowledge of this software is must for any structure designing professionally. Join a STAAD Pro Online Training course and make a name in the construction industry.

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