The most Frequently Asked Questions about SAP HANA

Each corporate firm that requirements to prevail in the 21st century ought to have a strong computerized center. SAP HANA is another beguilement evolving stage, which impacts the in-memory advancement to inspect the data and information inside your business. However, SAP HANA isn’t just about ‘Colossal Data’. Indeed, it’s perfect for minute to medium-sized associations giving a present day answer for host continuous applications without declining your IT framework. Here’s a few prominent Frequently Asked Questions about SAP HANA:


  1. What’s the contrast amongst HANA and the conventional SQL database?

It’s simply the innovation and technology on which the solutions keep running on. HANA utilizes its own particular database with the conventional SAP Business One application utilizing a Microsoft SQL database.

But there, indeed, is couple of contrasts between the two:

  • SAP HANA has 64-bit processors bringing about speedier value-based and expository data
  • Pre-stuffed business rationale meaning speedier programming improvement and organization with SAP HANA
  • SAP HANA keeps running on a guaranteed SUSE Linux server
  1. What does SAP HANA mean for SAP Business One?

The reply… heaps of new devices – all of which run quicker than at any other time! You get the greater part of the current usefulness in SAP Business One you appreciate now, in addition to new substance and usefulness including:

  • Inserted investigation in exchange screens
  • Predefined figuring concentrated reports
  • Predefined dashboards
  • Free-form undertaking look abilities
  • Intelligent, specially appointed examination in Excel
  1. How does HANA’s intense scientific instruments contrast from those officially incorporated into SAP Business One?

In situations where SAP Business One keeps running on a SQL database the examination usefulness is authorized independently. In any case, SAP Business One controlled by SAP HANA incorporates every single systematic capacity without a different permit.

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