The Significant Role Played by 360° Learning Solutions in Molding Your Career

It is often said that “learning is a never-ending process.” This statement holds true in almost all spheres of life, but in the professional domain it assumes even more significance. That is to say, for those who are students and aspire to take on big careers in the future, thorough learning is essential for them. Also, for those who are already working in different professions, especially in the corporate sector, and aspire to grow in their careers, learning is indispensable.

Now, learning is a vast term that encompasses a whole lot of things. Random or aimless learning is of little to no use; learning becomes effective only when it is focused and properly planned. If we talk about the corporate training needs nowadays, they want complete training solutions or complete learning solutions rather than haphazard learning. They seek comprehensive training for their employees, which is also sometimes referred to as 360 degree training. This kind of training or learning is mostly imparted through the online medium and yields lasting results. It facilitates employee development and organizational growth. We can say that online 360° learning solutions employ a holistic approach to learning, which contributes to individual and organizational growth. So, let’s discuss the key components of 360 degree learning solutions:

Instructor-Led Training: Instructor-led training, as the name suggests, is a guided training, which is led by expert mentors having specialization in their respective fields. When you receive training from an expert in their field in an appropriate atmosphere, it results in an enriching learning experience. Concepts can be easily understood and the doubts can be dispelled in less than no time.

24/7 Learning: If we talk about the online or virtual mode of training, which is quickly becoming popular, its greatest advantage is the 24/7 learning option. Here, you are not limited by time and place; you can learn things from the comfort of your home or office, at the time of your choice, and at your own pace. Apart from the live training that you receive from an instructor online, you also have a whole lot of resources such as documents, videos, assessment sheets, mock tests, etc., available round-the-clock. This promotes self-paced learning.


Collaborative Learning Platform: This component is again, inherently connected to the online mode. The online training mode provides you with a collaborative learning platform, which offers multiple benefits to the learner. Some of these benefits include online document sharing, Q&A sessions, voice & text chats (with the instructor or co-learners), and recorded lectures, among others.

In-Depth Performance Insights: To succeed, mere effort is not sufficient, but rather effort in the right direction is needed. The in-depth performance insights serve as markers on the path of learning that tell you whether you are progressing in the right way and right direction. When you take a practice test online using a reputable platform, you are provided with several important insights regarding your performance like score analysis, attempt analysis, time analysis, improvement areas, comparison charts, and even more. These reports and insights significantly help you in improving your performance.

On-demand Training: The online on-demand training module helps you in selecting the courses of your choice to get trained at your own time and pace. Some reputable online training organizations also give you the option of customized training. In such trainings, you can customize a course by choosing the modules that you think are the most relevant to you. In this way, you get enhanced flexibility and control.

Proper Certification: The only way to validate the skills that you have learned is to get proper certification. The online mode provides you with course certificate(s) at the successful completion of a particular course selected by you. This validates and authorizes your learning and helps you in reaching the next level in your career.

We have tried above to make you familiar with the key components of online 360° learning solutions. You may go through them once again and see how they benefit you. Multisoft Virtual Academy is a reputable online training organization. You can count on Multisoft 360° Learning Solutions for all your training needs.

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