Things to Consider while Gearing up for CBAP® Preparation

Cracking down a CBAP® certification is not like eating a piece of cake; it requires good training, right preparatory tools, hard work, and rigorous preparation. Adding CBAP® is a major milestone in a Business Analyst’s career as it provides an authentic validation of the skills by IIBA®. The credential also has visible results on the remuneration and career growth factors. Also, according to a study “CBAP®s earn 20% more as compared to regular BAs.”

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Knowing the CBAP® Requirements

Anyone wanting to be a CBAP® cannot sit for its exam; one needs to be thoroughly prepared.In addition to preparation, a CBAP® aspirant also needs to meet the eligibility criteria set by IIBA® for undertaking the exam.

Eligibility criteria that needs to fulfilled for CBAP® certification is:

  • 7500 hours of work experience in last 10 years
  • 900 hours of work experience in 4 of the 6 knowledge areas specified in BABOK® Guide
  • 21 PDUs in last 4 years
  • 2 professional references

Importance of Training

Training is a crucial factor for gaining success in today’s competitive world. It is not only the BA (Business Analyst) who gains by becoming a CBAP® but also the organization where he/ she work because a CBAP® shows better productivity and perform efficient analysis.

Common benefits of getting trained are:

  • Enhanced morale
  • Reduced need of round the clock supervision
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased chances of promotion
  • Updation of knowledge
  • Enhanced skill-set
  • Improvised work methods

Thus, importance of training is clearly visible by the above list. More so, with technology changing continuously at a fast pace, need of being updated is requirement of the hour. A BA can choose from different training modes, such as Classroom, Instructor-led, or Online that are available nowadays depending on the requirement.

Apart from the training; training provider also plays a significant role in shaping path of your career. Do not let your hard word and money go in vain. Time and Effort if not used efficiently and in the right manner can never be gained again. When choosing a training provider for undertaking CBAP Training ensure that institute from where you are planning to take training is an Accredited and Authorized CBAP® Training Provider; trainers are themselves qualified and certified; facilities provided; or class size (in case of Classroom Training).

CBAP® Certification

The CBAP® certification came out as a result of a BA task analysis study which was conducted in the year 2006. A team of experts prepared a set of questions for evaluating the knowledge of concepts that are used in performing business analysis.Moreover, the CBAP® credential represents the knowledge proficiency of Business Analysts.

Multisoft Virtual Academy provides you with the most flexible Online CBAP® Training which is qualitative and equips the learners with the required PDUs. Also, the learners enrolling for CBAP Online Training with Multisoft Virtual Academy get the freedom to choose their own schedule and select their own pace to complete their sessions.

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