Top 3 Most Desirable Embedded Certifications

The domain of embedded has lot more to offer than people give credit for. The domain of embedded has potential for innovation, opportunities as well as research. Though, there are so many certifications which cater to this particular domain, but there are still certain certification which literally outshines every other certification, because of scope of innovation, demand in the market and reach of the aspiring learners.


Some of them are:

  • AVR Microcontroller

The field of microcontroller is limitless, and with the assistance of technology it is expending exponentially. The knowledge about AVR microcontroller is essential when it comes to stepping in the domain of embedded. As a part of this certification, aspiring candidates get to know about the basic to expert level of understanding about AVR, criteria for considering a Microcontroller, ATmega 16 basic concepts and other important aspects.

  • Linux Device Driver

Device drivers are a solid computer programs that keeps a check on the devices attached to the computer. To get a solid grip on the ability to solve the issue related to driver, an understanding about the technicalities and functionalities is must. Linux device driver training aims to deliver memory management, process scheduling, RTOS and a lot more.

  • LabVIEW

The functional knowledge of LabVIEW not only aims for a better understanding of the concepts but this certification also looks forward to Block Diagrams, Microcontrollers, LabVIEW Environment, Wiring along with Tools Palette. This Embedded online course also focuses on Application of Industrial Automation, Dataflow Programming, Terminals, Icon Editor, Exercises and Fixing Broken Vis.

To know more about such courses and get a strong grip in the domain of Embedded systems, one should seek help from online medium. Get ahead of time with Embedded systems certification courses now!

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