Top 5 Job Oriented Courses for Mechanical Engineers

Technology is a rapidly changing topic as the world is going to experience the fourth industrial revolution. Learning new technologies have become a trending topic for the graduates and working professionals of mechanical engineering. To cope with this trend, new technologies are coming up. Looking towards the ever-changing world of technology, mechanical engineers are discovering and learning new technologies for bringing advancements. The question comes, which technology to learn in 2021? Well, the numbers of courses provided to teach the trendy technologies are many. We have come with five technologies that are likely to create maximum numbers of jobs in the coming years. 

CATIA Online Certification Training

CATIA Online Certification Training is a 24-hour-instructor-led online training with CATIA® manual, CATIA® software access, and 9 practice exercises. It is effective in teaching how to create holes, how to draw sketches, and how to creating base solid models.

ANSYS Online Certification Training

ANSYS Online Certification Training is a golden opportunity to become proficient in using ANSYS software for effectively dealing with mechanical engineering problems. This 24-hour-instructor-led training focuses on Basic and Advanced Solid Modeling, Static and Advanced Structural Analysis, Solution and Postprocessor, Finite Element Modeling (FEM) – I and Finite Element Modeling (FEM) – II, and Generating The Report Of Analysis.

IoT – Fundamentals with Raspberry Pi3

IoT or the Internet of Things is a system of machines or computing devices that are interrelated. It can transfer data over a network without the need of any human. In the IoT, a THING can be a person with a heart monitor implant, an automobile with built-in sensors, or an animal with a biochip transponder. These THINGs can become the component of the Internet of Things when they have been assigned an IP address to transfer data over a network. To pursue this IoT – Fundamentals with Raspberry Pi3 course, you only need basic knowledge of computer software and hardware. You will be able to learn this technology with ease if you are familiar with OS installation and networking.

CATIA V6 2013x – 100 Essentials for New Users Training

CATIA V6 2013x – 100 Essentials for New Users Training to help you in developing your understanding of CATIA V6 2013x – 100 Essentials for New Users Assessment. This 30-hour-instructor-led online training is featured with hands-on classes, e-Learning access, and CATIA® software access.

CATIA V6 2013x – 103 Assembly Design Online Training

CATIA V6 2013x – 103 Assembly Design Online Training to teach you the tools and other components that help in building assemblies. It is a 16-hour-instructor-led online training with recorded sessions and CATIA®software access. CATIA V6 2013x – 201 Drafting Online Training will help you in learning the advanced CATIA V6 to enhance your drafting and drawing techniques. This 16-hour CATIA online course is designed for Manufacturing Engineers, Design Engineers, and downstream users.

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