Top 8 Jobs Available for the Data Professionals

The world of business is data driven now. Therefore, Data Analysts are high in demand and they are getting many high-salaried job options from multinational companies. With immense growth, Data Scientist Online Training, Perform Cloud Data Science with Azure Machine Learning Online Training, Data Science with Python Course Certification Training, Data Science Certification Course Online, Data Science Online Training certification course, and Data Science with Python Certification Online Training have become some of the most popular career options for the professionals. Data Science Online Training Certification course opens a lot of job options for professionals, some of these have been mentioned below. 

Which are the most lucrative job options for data scientists?  

  • Data Science Support Engineer 
  • Data Analyst – CRM Platform 
  • Data Analyst – Python/Artificial Intelligence 
  • ML engineer/Data Scientist – US MNC (analytics) 
  • Machine Learning Engineer/Data Science/Technical Analyst
  • Senior Analyst (Data Science) 
  • Business Data Analyst 
  • Lead Data Analyst 

Who are eligible for Data Scientist certification

  • Data Scientists
  • Data Integration Architects
  • Hadoop Administrators and Developers
  • Statistical geneticist
  • Data Analysts
  • Data Architects
  • Software Developers

Which are the key roles and responsibilities of data scientists?  

These professionals indulge in processing large amounts of data, including structured and unstructured data. They are responsible for building and interpreting machine learning models on real business data, transforming large raw data into business insights, maintaining pricing guidance tools end to end and supporting business requirements and deciding pricing and sales decisions on business performance. To enroll Data Science Certification Training, a candidate needs to carry analytic skills and a passion for research. They deal with price elasticity, clustering, deal/lead scoring, forecasting, price optimization, multi-variable regression models to identify factors influencing price and apply statistical methods to analyze the effect of sales/pricing decisions on business performance. 

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