Understanding Google Cloud Security-Features and Products

If you are planning to become a cyber-security expert or analyst, Google Cloud Security Engineer Professional Exam Certification is the course for you. Designed for Cybersecurity analysts, Network security analysts, Network security engineers, Cloud administrators and engineers, Network security administrators, Cybersecurity engineers, Cloud analysts, and professionals working in network and cloud management and operations, this course imparts knowledge on various aspects of Google Cloud Platform Security, such as how to become successful in a cloud security engineer role, configure network security and analyze logs, ensure compliance and configure network security, configure access within a cloud solution environment and manage operations within a cloud solution environment. 

Before, opting for this program, it is always beneficial to understand the platform. Here are some key features and products of the Google Cloud Security Platform.


  • Offers non-stop, all-round device and operations security detection, as well as a response to both external and internal threats
  • All the data-in-transit are encrypted that are from or to Google’s public cloud. Google also provides layered defense redundancies to address denial-of-service (DoS) attacks and protect customers 
  • Identity management and protection through various authentication factors
  • Secures stored data-at-rest with encryption against distribution and unauthorized access for reliability
  • Entire hardware infrastructure is created, secured, and controlled by Google including security chips, servers, and networking equipment. 


Network Security: Google offers cloud network security products, such as Virtual Private Cloud, Encryption, Application Layer Transport Security and Cloud Load Balancing to help users define, secure, and enforce their perimeter.

Infrastructure Security: Google houses a robust infrastructure security product, which includes features such as configuration management, vulnerability management, and hardening for customers.

Data Security: Offers an array of data security features that can be implemented at different license levels to avoid data loss prevention and support data governance. 

Endpoint Security: Helps to secure endpoints with vulnerability and patch management, device hardening, and device management for Chromebooks, Chrome Browser, G Suite Device Management, and Chrome OS.

Application Security: Offers cloud application security for sensitive and/or financial information stored in Google Cloud Security Engineer Professional Exam Certification course.

Identity & Access Management: Houses capabilities to access authentication and identity management in system access management, G Suite, and more. Other Cloud security products from Google include Cloud Identity-Aware Proxy, Security Keys, and Cloud Identity.

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