Understanding the Difference between Hadoop and Cassandra

Technology has changed the world rapidly. Corporates are taking steps to experiment with new technology and data structuring. There is an open platform of big data analytics, Apache Hadoop and Cassandra that allow companies to build network. Apache Hadoop is largely used system framework for processing large set of data on computer. The individual needs to undergo Hadoop online course that allows understanding proper programming framework. There is a difference between Hadoop and Cassandra online training, and is important to know.


Let us now check the difference between two:

About Hadoop:

It is a product from Apache, and is a Big Data processing platform utilizing open source software and programming framework known as MapReduce. By using Hadoop, HDFS and MapReduce framework run on same set. An individual needs to undergo Big Data Hadoop developer training online course to understand about this tool and how it can help in managing the data.

About Cassandra:

Cassandra is a distributed NoSQL database which is designed for managing vast amounts of structured data across servers. It works on architecture, delivering high distribution, linear scale performance and is capable of handling large data. Cassandra is known for delivering consistent performance.

Structuring of Data:

Hadoop Administration Training accepts and stores data in format- structured, unstructured and semi-structured and images. Cassandra, on the other hand, requires structured data.

Combining of Cassandra and Hadoop:

Organization works on two different data needs:

  • Firstly, on online operations and analyzing the hot data generated by web and IOT application.
  • Secondly for batch oriented big data platform supporting the vast amounts of unstructured historical data. If the organization uses Cassandra and is switching to Hadoop, then the later will create an ability to analyze the data without any difficulty.

Candidate wanting to know more about the difference can undergo the Hadoop Data Analytics Training course online. Learning about the software tool through certified Apache Hadoop experts will certainly help in getting the in-depth knowledge and difference between two.

In today’s times, using Hadoop over Cassandra is the preferred mode for organizations to get proper analytics and reporting large amount of data.

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