Understanding which course is better for you- SAS vs. SAP

The potential of data intelligence is being recognized by almost every sector of industry today. Companies which are finding newer and more intelligent ways of using this data are able to grow faster than others. Such data comes under the purview of business analytics, and the biggest shareholder of business analytics is Statistical Analysis System or SAS®. It can be easily learnt through an SAS® online course.


Analytical capabilities of another software called SAP® are quite similar to SAS®. SAP® is supposed to hold the largest penetration in the field of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). However, capabilities of the two software are entirely different from each other.

Contrasts between SAS and SAP  



If you have a huge interest in quantitative analysis, then SAS® is meant for you. If you are not very well oriented towards mathematics and statistics, and are more suited towards jobs such as project management, then choose SAP®
SAS® does not have any BO product. However, it has enough tools to be used in Analytics. SAP® recently purchased Business Objects, which is the basis of all its offerings in the Analytics space.
Due to a lack of a user friendly interface, it is generally not preferred by new users. The interface is very intuitive and simple to use, making it convenient for new users.
It offers seamless integration with many data management tools. This integrated platform spreads across BI, data warehousing, performance management, data quality, data integration and others. Offers integration with many enterprise applications. As a result, it draws a larger user base than SAS®.

Now if one has to choose a winner between the two, it is going to be very difficult. Both SAS® and SAP® have their own sets of Pros and Cons. SAS® has rich APIs that allow easy customization, but many of its plans are also not suitable for smaller companies.

SAS online courses at Multisoft Virtual Academy

Multisoft Virtual Academy has created an online ecosystem of learning, whereby you can enroll for SAS® training online. 24-hour Self Paced learning is also available here. This online academy provides updated course material for all its students and guides them in the learning process.

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