What is Saviynt’s Zero Trust Identity?

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When learning about Saviynt, you must have come across a term “ZERO TRUST IDENTITY.” What is zero trust identity and what makes it an important tool and feature of Cloud Computing Training Saviynt identity governance & access management solutions?

What is Saviynt?

Saviynt offers a selection of intelligent cloud-first identity governance & access management solutions to safeguard enterprises. It enables enterprises to secure applications, data and infrastructure in a single platform.

What is Zero Trust Identity?

Zero Trust Identity feature of Saviynt adopts identity as the new security perimeter. It assumes everything behind the firewall unsafe and requires verification before granting access. This continuous risk and trust assessment for access helps organizations to inform and optimize access policies, which enables them to grant access to the right entities, for the right reasons, for the right amount of time.

Here are the key benefits of implementing Zero Trust Identity application in a business ecosystem:

Avail greater visibility across the organization 

Zero Trust does not offer access automatically; it assumes everything and everyone is compromised at some level.  Hence, it allows companies to develop a security strategy based on criticality and risk involved. A Zero Trust framework needs visibility into all types of resources and helps organizations in building a robust solution to discover, onboard, and monitor access to those resources. This way, enterprises cover all their assets and activities, getting complete visibility into every access to the network, where unusual behaviors are flagged by an optimal security and Separation of Duties (SoD) conflicts, tracking all activity.

Simplify IT Management

Since Zero Trust framework continuously monitors and analyses access requests, companies can use automation to evaluate access requests. Access will be automatically granted, if PAM system (privileged access management) finds the key identifiers to be low-risk. This leaves user to monitor access that are flagged by the system. By automating more tasks, companies can dedicate more resources and time towards other important tasks that require manual effort.

Smart Security

Centralizing security allows security team to work smartly, as they can easily generate reliable data from a single location, which is supported by strong analytics. These valuable insights will help the team to maintain a secure environment.  The framework prevents malware and employees to access larger portion of the network; the breach is instantly detected, enabling security team to identify threat and damage to the property.

Secure Your Remote Workforce

Many office workers use their work devices for personal use which increases the risk of security breach. And when data is being used from different locations of the world, managing data security becomes a challenge. In such case, Zero Trust approach uses identity as the perimeter; identity when attached to users, applications and devices needs to seek permission before access, which helps in protecting valuable data and resource in any location.

Continuous Compliance

Zero Trust architecture evaluates and logs every access request supporting continuous compliance. It efficiently tracks each request’s time, location, and related application and creates a seamless audit trail. These information not just minimizes the effort required to comply with audits, but also improves the speed and efficiency of upholding governance.

These are just a few benefits to name. Zero Trust Framework offer more such benefits to the organization changing IT network. To learn more about Saviynt, go for Saviynt certification training course from Multisoft Virtual Academy. This course is deigned and taught by a team of certified global subject matter experts. Also, all the courses offered by Multisoft come with perks like lifetime access to e-learning material, recorded training session videos and after training support. This course will not just train you for future prospects, but also prepare you for Saviynt certification exam. Moreover, after successful completion of the Saviynt Online Training course, you will be awarded with a globally recognized training certificate.

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