What ISTQB is All About?

Getting certification in any subject matter enhances the key skill with the add-on of next generation technology; ISTQB foundation course is for those IT professionals, who desire to practice the proficiency of basic concept of software development testing.  The main frame of the training is to make the professionals aware of the know-hows about the basic software testing and how they can use this in more advanced way.


The ISTQB (International Software Testing qualification Board) exemplifies the national training providers and assign them the charge to conduct the examination in their local language. This is practiced because the trainees should learn the things with ease and perform best ion the examination. Moreover,   ISTQB foundation level online training proves to be very beneficial for the software testing professionals because it covers all from fundamental to the advanced level of the software testing concept. The ISTQB foundation level training has been segregated into four levels of knowledge:

Level 1: the keywords of the Level1 training of ISTQB foundation course are to recognize, recall, identify, etc. at this level the candidates have to recall and identify the fundamental terminologies and the basic concept of implementation of the knowledge in software testing.

Level2: Compare, categorize and summarize are the keywords of this level; the trainees in this level research on the topics of the course and then present the explanation of software testing concepts. This helps them to analyze their own work and intelligence.

Level3: This level focuses on Implementation and following of the procedure. This is the level where the candidates actually learn the implementation of the knowledge of testing.

Level4: This level makes the trainees analyze the technique of software testing and later on they are capable enough to differenciate between the conjecture of the testing skills and implementation of the intelligence.

Nevertheless, ISTQB foundation level online training provides 24/7 support to the candidates to make them analyze what difference they are making at the workplace after getting ISTQB foundation level certification.

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