What makes Intergraph CEASER II stand out among other pipe stress analysis software?

If you are here, this only means that you have chosen to enrol for Intergraph CAESAR II Training course to gain in-depth knowledge about Intergraph CEASER II pipe stress analysis software. For those, who are less aware of the software, CEASER II is the most popular and widely used 3D tool for piping stress analysis. It enjoys the largest market share among its competitors Autopipe, by Bentley; CAEPIPE, by SST Systems; Rohr2, by SIGMA Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH; PEPS, by DST Computers and many others.

Let’s take a deeper look into its features and benefits, starting with a brief introduction of CEASER II.

What is CEASER II? – Intergraph CAESAR II Training course

As mentioned earlier, Intergraph CEASER II is the 3D tool for piping stress analysis that is used to understand and efficiently evaluate working piping models. The software works on a color-coded system in the output report allowing users to easily understand and define the areas of concern in the piping system. Additionally, CEASER II can also be easily integrated with other Hexagon 3D model software. The software is not just easy to use but also comes equipped with a large database that comprises more than 35 international and local codes enabling analyze a piping model in question with ease.

Key benefits and features of CEASER II – Intergraph CAESAR II Training course

  • The software allows to easily input and display all the data that is required to accurately define and interpret a piping system analysis model. All the fed input can be modified or accessed on an element-by-element basis; moreover datasets can be selected to make and implement global changes.
  • The CAESAR II comes with input graphics module that makes developing analysis models quick thus clearly pointing out all the areas of concern. The module provides the best idea of a piping system’s flexibility. The software also has color-coded animated displacements and stress models for any stress load case.
  • The software comes packed with easy to use wizards and tools to accomplish tasks such as viewing plant models or creating expansion loops in the analysis space, thus bridging the gap between experience and knowledge. These tools also help to eliminate guess work to produce accurate analysis and recommend practical design changes.
  • CEASER II comes with a bundle of analysis options, along with evaluating a piping system’s response to pressure loads, thermal and deadweight. CAESAR II is capable of analysing the effects of wave loads, seismic loads, wind and support settlement. It also includes non-linear effects such as gap closure, friction and support lift.
  • The software intelligently selects the proper springs for supporting systems with large vertical deflections, while including dynamic analysis capabilities such as include response spectrum, time history, modal and harmonic analysis.
  • Equipped with an integrated error checker, CEASER II can analyse the user input, while checking for consistency from both a “finite element” and “piping” point of view; generating reports that are concise, accurate, and clear and fully user definable.
  • CAESAR II has table look-ups for piping component and materials, expansion joints, spring hangers, material properties and structural steel sections, and allowable stress, ensuring that correct datasets are being used for each analysis. In addition to this, CAESAR II comes with major international piping codes.
  • Incorporating the industry’s first and only seamless, bi-directional link between engineering analysis and CAD plant design, CEASER II allows the sharing analysis and design data between these packages without any data loss.

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Conclusion: .

Intergraph CAESAR II Training course is ideal for you if you want to learn how to use the unique capabilities of CEASER II from both theory and hands-on experience. This training program will teach you modeling of piping systems in CAESAR II; supporting of piping systems (support types); basic stress strain theories; theories of failure; preparing stress Critical line list; spring design & modeling in CAESAR II; support span calculations; model generation, system evaluation and, system re-design.

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