What study resources you should include in your PMP® exam preparation?

The concept development and understanding are the core of your preparation for the PMP® exam, and therefore it is essential that one must go through all the essential study materials and implement a strategic study plan that best fits their individual learning preference.


Below, we have detailed a comprehensive list of 5 study materials that you need to incorporate for your PMP exam preparation:

  1. PMBOK® Guide (A guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge)

The most essential guide for all PMP® aspirants. The fact that the exam syllabus covers the concepts from the PMBOK® guide makes it an essential study material for all the aspirants. Make sure that you have gone through the guide completely, at least twice before taking the exam.

  1. Online PMP® Training

When you learn at your own pace, covering and memorizing your concepts comprehensively, it increases your conceptual and practical knowledge of the subject. Opt for a quality PMP® online training course, which helps you stay focused with a structured and monitored training, at your convenience. A self-paced online learning will be a much better idea, as it helps you continue your profession, and dedicate your scheduled time for study.

  1. PMP® Workshop & Webinar

Hands-on training and guidance from industry experts go a long way in enhancing the practical knowledge of the subject. Attending webinar and workshops will help you to know about industry trends, engage with other aspirants and get insightful advice from industry experts.

  1. Exam Prep Book

A quality exam prep book will help you know what to expect on the test day, which concepts have recent exam papers focused upon and more. Your online training provider will be of good help to provide you with good exam prep books.

  1. Assessment & Mock Tests

When you enroll for the PMP® certification online training, the trainers will provide you with comprehensive assessments and mock tests. These will help you insightfully assess your performance after each subject as well as prepare yourself better for the exam pressure with mock tests.

Hence, in order to cover all your fundamentals, as well as enhance your practical understanding of the subject and prepare strategically for the exam, you need to include different study resources and enroll for a comprehensive PMP® Corporate training course online.

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