What top Features of Microsoft SQL Server 2012 make it Popular?

Microsoft SQL Server 2012 is a tool used to manage Microsoft® Database. To elaborate, it is a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) with various programming extensions. The programming extensions allow users to make optimum utilization of the Structured Query Language (SQL), an interactive programming language, to fetch data from database swiftly and to update it.

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Not surprisingly, Microsoft SQL Server 2012 has gained popularity. More importantly, it offers a host of useful features to administer, handle, maintain, and troubleshoot database and manage the server efficiently. Not only these, there are many features of Microsoft SQL Server 2012 listed below that makes it the best choice for dealing with database system.

  1. Columnstore Indexes: Usually, data is collected and stored in a row or column index. Columnstore Indexes is an advanced technique to compress and store data in columnar form. This methodology involves data grouping on columns than rows. This allows real time analysis of data on Data Warehouse queries. It allows query performance gains up to 10x.
  2. Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Features: AlwaysOn Availability Groups for high availability. This facility acts as a support failover system in case of multiple user databases in groups. It provides two kinds of availability replicas; namely, primary replica for primary databases, and secondary replicas, which serve as secondary databases. Thus, AlwaysOn Availability Groups feature takes mirroring of database to a new height.
  3. Enhanced Auditing Features: SQL server allows auditing. The enhanced feature of auditing allows to create customized audit specifications that allows to make entry audit log of custom events.
  4. User-Defined Server Roles: On a shared server, if Database Administrator wanted to assign access of read and write to every database, it was only possible through traditional approach of using undocumented procedures or manually. The User-Defined Server Roles in Microsoft SQL Server 2012 allows Database Administrator to provide read and write access to every server database by creating a role.
  5. Big Data Support: Hadoop is a widely used NoSQL platform. It has gained a lot of popularity over the years. Realising its growing demand, connectors is built to support Hadoop technology. This enables to process big volumes of inconsistent or loosely structured data.

With Microsoft SQL Server allowing a range of options to manage Microsoft database, it is always on demand. Hence learning Microsoft SQL Server and getting a deep insight is a smart option. For the same, Microsoft SQL Server certification training program is a good option as it will not only render complete knowledge about the tool but also prepare the candidate for Microsoft SQL Server certification examination. Another option is Microsoft SQL Server 2012 online training. The online is beneficial for the professionals who don’t have the time to attend class physically but can enhance their knowledge as when time permits from a place and time of their convenience.

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