Why should Hadoop be the next step for JAVA professionals?

If you are not living behind the rock, you must have heard about the noise of Big Data Analytics which has today become the hottest debate in boardrooms and outside it. Traditional data management has been deeply challenged by the modern business management tools and new approaches are emerging for the businesses to exploit the potentials of Big Data Analytics.

Hadoop for java developers

Notable of them is Hadoop, NoSql and many others which are being adopted by the enterprises globally to structure data and convert them into more appropriate format for further analysis.

DATA: The Ultimate Game Changer

One thing which remains common around the realm of every profession is DATA.

This Data has been growing at an exponential rate making it a challenge for the companies globally to tame it for critical insight building. As per the data revealed by the research giant Gartner, companies are continuously building up their trusts in Hadoop to tame their Big data problems and eventually provides them with the needed insights. The Hadoop ecosystem is facing the next (and expected) challenge: getting meaningful insights from data through analytics.

Traditional relational databases have found to be ineffective when it comes to managing the rising influx of data in present times making the deployment of Hadoop a necessity for the companies globally.This has created a market for Apache Hadoop which is a more flexible and economical solution than can efficiently manages the modern day’s challenge for their Big data needs.Apart from a relational mind set, a sound programming background helps to have a sustainable and evolving career in Hadoop infrastructure and deployment.

Why Hadoop:

The Next step for Java professionals

Considered to be a natural career progression for Java professionals, Hadoop has created ample of opportunities for professionals having experience in programming like Java. Hadoop is majorly written in Java and hence the Java professionals find it rather easy to get the basics right. One of the most significant modules of Hadoop is MapReduce and the platform used to create MapReduce programs is Apache Pig.

Professionals with expert skills in java can find the customization and administration via Hadoop architecture quite easy as they are able to use JavaScript efficiently. Thus professionals with knowledge of Java would always have a upper hand and would find the whole training process a lot easier.

Differentiate from the Crowd

Java has become omnipresent and hence it has become quite a challenge for the professionals to differentiate from the crowd. Big Data is something which has created a great scope of Java professionals in IT industry making them in fashion again.

Businesses are largely using Hadoop because of the ultimate advantages it has been rendering over the traditional databases.They have to shift to Hadoop as it makes the perfect business sense, and they keep hunting for Java developers that are skilled with Hadoop.

A Java professional with a knowledge in Hadoop and Big data will find themselves at the top of the competition as they would be able to dig deeper into the realms of Insights which the companies are looking towards. A professional hence would be able to dig deeper into the Hadoop codes and hence in a better position to understand the functionality of a particular module and this is where Java professionals gain an edge over other professionals.

Widen your Employability Meter

Software professionals working on various traditional technologies and Java Professionals are making a major career shift by opting to learn Hadoop technologies. The figures revealed by the job sites have been setting trend for the demand for the professionals with programming background in IT industry. Tech salaries have been witnessing favorable hikes and Hadoop related queries have been the highest gainers in the section.

As per the market report by Transparency Market Research, the global Hadoop market is expected to reach USD 20.9 billion in 2018. Hence Java professionals can accelerate their employability meter with a sound training in Hadoop architecture. Apart from making them valuable to their current organization, a professional training also opens gates for further promising roles in future. Join the bandwagon with Big Data and Hadoop Online Training at Multisoft Virtual Academy.

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