Widen your Scope of Custom Application Development with Salesforce® Online Training!

Salesforce® App Builder (DEV 401) Online Certification Training is ideal for the Salesforce developers, Application Developers, Programmers, senior business analysts, cloud computing consultants, advanced developers/administrators, and professionals aspiring to explore Force.com® platform to develop applications. Individuals who have attended the Salesforce® Administration 201 training are likely to get more benefits from this course. This Salesforce® instructor-led online training helps the companies in providing flawless customer service and helps the customer service officers in finding the right platform to fit exact customer needs. Salesforce Training is ideal for Salesforce developers, senior business analysts, cloud computing consultants, and advanced developers/administrators.

Salesforce® instructor-led online training

It helps us in understanding the terminology related to Service cloud, designing a case management solution from case creation to closure, determining the factors influencing the contact center and the considerations for business continuity, handling large data in analyzing design considerations, managing transaction volume issues, making deployment strategies, handling knowledge management starting from creation to data migration strategy, and determining the functionality over mobile phone, web, email, chat, social media, and other interaction channels. To earn this course, the aspirants need to have attended DEV 401 of ADM201 training. Here are the organizational benefits of using Service Cloud for Customer Service. 

  1. It helps the companies in providing flawless customer service 
  2. It helps the customer service officers in finding the right platform 
  3. It prepares the organizations in using scalable platforms to fit exact customer needs 
  4. It reduces Customer Service Team’s Workload 
  5. It works on empirical data and identifies the best-performing reps 
  6. It customizes your platform to suit your needs to work most efficiently
  7. It monitors the customers’ products and identifies what needs attention
  8. It personalizes customer experience in the organization and empowers the customers 
  9. It builds a community of leaders and evangelists
  10. It provides a forum where customers can come together, crowdsource answers, and teach each other

In its successful completion, you will understand account, contact management details, able to provide appropriate forecasting solutions, examine analytic snapshot solutions, and describe the impact of multi-currency on opportunities. This hands-on training will also help in identifying use cases for using email, mobile solutions, and productivity tools. Salesforce Admin 201 Online Salesforce is also ideal for increasing sales by enhancing the customer experience. This course is designed to help the aspirants in understanding the sales process and the factors influencing it. You can go for it if you are a Salesforce Administrator, Senior Business Analyst, or Cloud Computing Consultant. The aspirants of this course are supposed to have earned DEV 401, ADM211, or ADM201 course. 

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