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Real-time Performance Insights

Get in-depth analysis of practice tests to check your knowledge level and required skills to hit the road to success. Read on to know what all powerful performance tools can do for you!

Smart Graphical Interpretation

Get started with a snapshot of overall analysis followed by a simple and easy-to-understand representation of each critical parameter of performance analysis.

Know your Knowledge Level

Once you start training with us, you get a bank of assessments, mock tests (add a comma) and practice activities which help you to chart a roadmap to reach the required level of skills. The detailed analysis is available for reference so as to compare all the attempts and monitor the progression of your skills and knowledge.

Manage your Time Effectively

Time is one of the most critical factors, especially while attempting professional certification exams. So, we break it up for you to the last millisecond! The detailed time and pacing analysis proves to be a diagnostic tool and you get to know if you took too long or too short of a required time for answering each question. The comprehensive time distribution graphs illustrate the cumulative time taken to complete a test.

Improve your Concentration Level

Not all days are same, but can you afford to falter in the certification exam? Our intelligent performance tool identifies when you just guessed and rushed through the questions, and when you were fully focused and in control. Discover the deviation in your attention span and improvise so as to nail it at the first go!

Compare with the Community

It’s important to know what is normal so as to outperform and make your way up! For each question, find the average time taken and percentage of users who attempted it correctly. The comparative analysis gives an impetus to your efforts if required or the confidence of being spot-on.

Identify your Expertise Level

Our subject matter experts set the difficulty level of each question and our intuitive performance tools, in turn interprets your intelligence level as per the percentage of correctly answered ‘Easy’, ‘Medium’ or ‘Hard’ questions separately. These insights provide a holistic view to you in terms of areas of improvement and strength.

Results By Difficulty
Difficulty No. of Questions Average time % Correct
Easy 30 00:50 55%
Medium 35 00:55 30%
Hard 35 01:13 25%

See the Big Picture

Our utmost focus remains to provide you with a complete and correct knowledge. We challenge your acumen, but also elucidate each of the correct answers for your reference. You get to see a detailed explanation for each question. Click on the snapshot and check a sample of detailed analysis.

Attempt a Sample Assessment to check your performance

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