Common Advantages and Disadvantages of Multithreading in Java Training


We are heading towards the critical shortage of time where multitasking has become synonymous with efficiency. Similarly, in the programming world also, a program performing a single task is not sufficient and good enough. An efficient program is the one that lets you execute multiple tasks using the same program. Such an efficient program can be created using the Java programming language since Java is a multithreaded programming and development language. Also, Java is the first programming language that introduced the concept of multithreading.

Multithreading in Java

The primary function of multithreading is to simultaneously run or execute multiple tasks. These tasks are represented as threads in a Java program and have a separate execution path. Also, handling of multithreaded Java programs is easy because you can decide the sequence in which execution of Java threads take place.

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Following are some of the common advantages of multithreading:

  • Enhanced performance by decreased development time
  • Simplified and streamlined program coding
  • Improvised GUI responsiveness
  • Simultaneous and parallelized occurrence of tasks
  • Better use of cache storage by utilization of resources
  • Decreased cost of maintenance
  • Better use of CPU resource

Multithreading does not only provide you with benefits, it has its disadvantages too. Let us go through some common disadvantages:

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  • Complex debugging and testing processes
  • Overhead switching of context
  • Increased potential for deadlock occurrence
  • Increased difficulty level in writing a program
  • Unpredictable results

This is just an overview of what multithreading provides the users with; however you can learn more about this concept in detail by getting trained in Core Java Corporate Training. Multisoft Virtual Academy offers Core Java Course Online for the developers, who want to prove their worth as a Java Application Developer. According to the requirement of the student, training can be provided in either Classroom or Online Training course mode.

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