How ITSM Implementation Supports Extraction of Business Values

IT Service Management (ITSM) is a planned approach towards all managerial areas of an IT business. ITSM approach covers the designing, delivery, management and improvisation of IT services that are used by an organization. It focuses on assurance of right processes, technology and people to be put in a right place in order to meet the defined goals. ITSM is generally associated with IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL®) which is a framework used for alignment of Information Technology in adherence to business needs.


Process Management

ITSM makes the optimal use of the globally accepted framework, ITIL® v3, which is helping numerous organizations to provide support in implementing the best IT services. The updated version of ITIL® Lifecycle works on the following five phases:

Extracting the Business Value using ITSM

IT has become an integral part of every business and managing these IT services can be done by using ITSM. Businesses keep an eye on connecting the IT services with user’s needs and support them in the best possible way. Hence, using ITSM to extract the business values help the organizations to bring down the costs along with demonstrating business skills in terms of IT. Below mentioned are the requirements to extract business value using ITSM:

  • Business Value Visibility: Under this process, the businesses use ITSM to present the information to the users in the form of dashboards that can be easily understood. In other words, the data should be presented to the audience in the form that it sounds relevant to them like a business user would be more interested to know about revenue targets and achievements which can be used for further actions. ITSM must also represent the real-time report of different aspects of business through which the user can recognize the current trends and make apt decisions.
  • Predictive Analytics: IT can be devoted to analyze and predict the trends in business market by bringing down the costs and solving the issues, economically. Therefore, the data can be used for creating business reports for discovering and communicating the patterns beforehand to get rid of any adverse effects. The analytics using ITSM can help to identify high cost issues and handle them effectively by demonstrating business values.
  • Marketing of IT: IT can be used for marketing purposes, as IT puts the data in front of users and showcase the trends and patterns prevalent in the market. If anything goes wrong, IT help in preparing reports and assist the businesses to make plans for handling the issues. ITSM helps in integrating the previous data and track all the business value developments and gaining the confidence of clients by showing them that how well IT is performing for implementation of various plans.

Gaining expertise in ITSM is routed through formal training that can be ITIL® Foundation online training and further advancing towards ITIL® Intermediate online training course. Online courses facilitate learning keeping you on track of your project deadlines. Step ahead for ITSM proficiency with online training!

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