KRONOS Training Tutorial: From Beginner to Expert

KRONOS delivers versatile cloud-based software solutions for workforce and Human Capital Management (HCM). It streamlines various HR tasks including talent acquisition, onboarding, tracking employee time and attendance, and processing payroll, all from a singular platform. This integration significantly boosts HR efficiency while minimizing costs and adherence to compliance. Human resource managers find considerable relief in these features. KRONOS is recognized and utilized by leading corporations like Cognizant, Accenture, Microsoft, Infosys, Tech Mahindra, and Tata Consultancy Services. Competitors in this space include Infor, Paychex, Oracle, and ADP.

KRONOS online training by Multisoft Virtual Academy is a specialized program designed to educate individuals on using Kronos Workforce Management software effectively. This training offers a deep dive into the functionalities and applications of Kronos, covering areas like time and attendance, scheduling, leave management, and more. It is delivered virtually, allowing participants to learn from anywhere. The course aims to equip managers, HR professionals, and end-users with the skills needed to navigate and utilize Kronos software efficiently, enhancing workforce management and productivity in their respective organizations.

KRONOS offers several products tailored to different organizational needs:

  • Workforce Ready Suite: Catered to small to mid-sized businesses.
  • Workforce Central Suite: Designed for larger, enterprise organizations.
  • Workforce Dimensions Suite: Combines the user-friendliness of Workforce Ready with the robust capabilities of Workforce Central.


Founded in 1977 by MIT and Simon Business School alumnus Mark Ain, KRONOS Incorporated has been at the forefront of workforce management innovation. The company launched the world’s first microprocessor-based time clock in 1979 and has since released a wide array of products enhancing workforce management. After going public on Nasdaq in 1992, KRONOS merged with Ultimate Software in 2020 to form the Ultimate Kronos Group, further strengthening its position in Human Capital Management.

KRONOS has earned numerous accolades for its contributions to the field, including a gold award for Excellence in Workforce Management at the Brandon Hall HCM Excellence 2020 Awards. In the same year, it received the Best AI-based Solution for Retail at the AI Breakthrough Awards and was recognized as the best SaaS for HR at the SaaS Awards.


The advantages of using KRONOS Online Training include:

  • Division of Labor: It distributes computing and tasks across multiple tiers, ensuring smoother operations.
  • Scalability: The system is designed to scale both horizontally and vertically, accommodating growth seamlessly with the latest updates.
  • Performance: An error in one tier doesn’t impact other areas, allowing for targeted repairs without widespread disruption.
  • Easy Data Access: Managers and employees can easily access data on-the-go through mobile devices, enhancing flexibility and responsiveness.
  • Comprehensive Features: KRONOS consolidates multiple functionalities into a single platform, offering a wide range of features for enhanced workforce management.


KRONOS offers a comprehensive suite of features for workforce management:

  • Recruiting and Onboarding: Simplifies the process of attracting and integrating top talent into the company.
  • Talent Management: Identifies and assigns the best employees to meet the company’s needs and goals.
  • Time Tracking: Monitors and manages the time employees spend on various tasks.
  • Self-Service: Allows employees to clock in and out independently, facilitating large-scale workforce management.
  • Payroll Solution: Provides complete data access and cost management to streamline payroll processing.
  • Time and Attendance: Tracks employee work hours, attendance, and overtime, ensuring accurate labor records.
  • Budgeting: Assists in forecasting and managing labor costs over extended periods like quarters or years.
  • Employee Tracking and Analysis: Enables monitoring and analysis of employee activities, schedules, and needs for informed decision-making.

With a solid understanding of its features, users can confidently move on to KRONOS tutorials to learn how to leverage these tools for effective workforce management. The system is user-friendly and designed for ease of use once familiarized through the tutorial, so prepare to dive in and optimize your workforce management.


KRONOS is widely used for workforce management and human capital management across various industries. Its applications include:

  • Healthcare: In healthcare settings, KRONOS helps manage staff scheduling, ensuring appropriate coverage while considering staff qualifications and patient care needs. It also assists in tracking time and attendance, crucial for managing shifts in 24/7 healthcare environments.
  • Retail: For the retail industry, KRONOS offers solutions for staff scheduling, particularly in managing peak shopping periods, and helps in tracking employee hours and productivity.
  • Manufacturing: In manufacturing, KRONOS is used for tracking employee time on the production floor, managing shifts, and ensuring labor compliance. It helps in optimizing workforce deployment for various manufacturing processes.
  • Education: Schools and universities use KRONOS for tracking faculty and staff hours, managing leave, and aligning staffing with class schedules and academic calendars.
  • Government: Government entities utilize KRONOS for payroll processing, time and attendance tracking, and managing compliance with labor laws and regulations.
  • Hospitality: In the hospitality sector, KRONOS assists in managing a diverse and often fluctuating workforce, scheduling staff according to guest occupancy and event needs, and tracking labor costs.
  • Transportation and Logistics: KRONOS helps manage schedules and track time for workers in transportation and logistics, ensuring smooth operations and compliance with industry regulations.
  • Services Industry: It is also used in various service industries for employee scheduling, time tracking, and managing customer service demands effectively.

Overall, KRONOS certification provides a comprehensive solution for managing a workforce efficiently, ensuring compliance, and optimizing labor costs across different sectors.


We have explored the powerful and efficient features of KRONOS Workforce Management and Human Capital Management software in this tutorial. Understanding the importance of proper knowledge in minimizing errors is crucial. Although KRONOS online training and certification course has evolved through several versions, the core principles remain largely consistent. To truly benefit from this software, it’s recommended to acquire the specific version used by your company, log in, and begin exploring its capabilities.

We hope your quest for knowledge continues and that we can further assist you with additional tutorials and learning resources in the future. Keep striving to master new skills, and may your learning journey be ever fruitful. Enroll in Multisoft now!

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