The Kronos Online Training – An Introduction

Kronos online offers a suite of cloud-based solutions designed to optimize workforce and Human Capital Management (HCM) tasks. Its robust platform streamlines various HR processes, such as talent recruitment, employee onboarding, time and attendance tracking, and payroll processing. This unified approach not only enhances HR efficiency but also cuts costs and minimizes compliance risks.

Kronos certification course  by Multisoft Virtual Acedamy

HR managers can breathe easier with these features in place. Kronos training is partnered with several leading companies, including Cognizant, Accenture, Microsoft, Infosys, Tech Mahindra, and Tata Consultancy Services. It faces competition from firms like Infor, Paychex, Oracle, and ADP.

Kronos’s product lineup caters to a wide range of business needs:

  • The Workforce Ready Suite is tailored for small to mid-sized businesses.
  • The Workforce Central Suite is designed for larger, enterprise-level organizations.
  • The Workforce Dimensions Suite combines the user-friendliness of Workforce Ready with the robust capabilities of Workforce Central.


Kronos Incorporated was established by Mark Ain, an alumnus of MIT and Simon Business School, in 1977. The company made history in 1979 by launching the world’s first microprocessor-based time clock. Since then, Kronos has introduced a variety of products and innovations, advancing the field of workforce management. The company went public on the Nasdaq in 1992. In 2020, Kronos merged with Ultimate Software, forming a more advanced Human Capital Management entity known as Ultimate Kronos Group (UKG).

Kronos has earned several accolades and recognitions in its industry:

  • It secured a gold medal for Workforce Management excellence at the 2020 Brandon Hall HCM Excellence Awards.
  • The AI Breakthrough Awards in 2020 honored Kronos with the title of Best AI-based Solution for Retail.
  • At the SaaS Awards in 2020, Kronos emerged victorious as the best SaaS provider for HR solutions.


  • Labor is segmented and distributed across various levels to ensure efficient operations.
  • Servers are designed to expand both horizontally and vertically, accommodating the latest upgrades.
  • Stability is maintained as issues in one layer do not impact the others, allowing targeted troubleshooting.
  • Data retrieval is simplified, with managers and employees able to access information via mobile devices.
  • A unified platform grants access to a broad range of functionalities.


  • Recruitment and Integration: Kronos streamlines the hiring process, making it easier to onboard top talent effectively.
  • Employee Development: It assesses and matches the ideal candidates to meet the company’s objectives and needs.
  • Time Management: Kronos provides precise tracking of the hours employees dedicate to different projects.
  • Autonomous Management: Employees are empowered to record their own work hours, aiding in large-scale workforce management.
  • Payroll Management: The system simplifies access to essential data for efficient payroll administration.
  • Work Hours and Presence: Kronos tracks employee work hours, attendance, and extra time worked.
  • Financial Forecasting: The software aids in projecting and managing labor expenses over extended periods.
  • Workforce monitoring and Analytics: It offers tools for supervising and assessing employee performance and making strategic decisions.

Now that we’ve examined its history, let’s delve into its usage as a workforce management tool. It’s straightforward after you familiarize yourself with the tutorials. So, prepare for the walkthrough and let’s dive in.

Kronos Access Roles

  1. Manager: This role has full editing capabilities and the authority to approve.
  2. Editor: This user can modify schedules and timecards and generate reports, though lacks approval privileges.
  3. Employee/Time Entry: Users in this role have the ability to punch in and out via the ‘time entry’ option under the ‘My Info’ section.

Kronos Workspace

Kronos Workforce Central training is a robust workforce management platform equipped with a variety of tools and features designed to streamline HR and workforce management processes. Here’s a brief explanation of each point:

  1. Genies: Genies in Kronos are customizable data views or reports that present real-time information about employees, labor levels, and other key workforce metrics. They allow managers to quickly access, analyze, and act on workforce data.
  2. Scheduling: The Scheduling feature in Kronos enables managers to create, manage, and distribute employee schedules. It helps ensure that the right employees are scheduled at the right times and can adapt to changes in demand, employee availability, and compliance requirements.
  3. Timekeeping: This is a core feature of Kronos, which allows for accurate time tracking of employees’ work hours. It includes clock-in and clock-out functionality and integrates with payroll systems to ensure employees are paid correctly for their time worked, including overtime.
  4. Hyperfind Queries: Hyperfind Queries are advanced search functions that let users quickly find specific records or sets of data within the Kronos system. This feature enables users to create dynamic lists of employees based on criteria such as department, job code, or shift.
  5. Approvals: The Approvals feature provides managers with the tools to review and approve items such as timecards, schedule changes, time-off requests, and overtime. This ensures that all changes are reviewed and authorized before they take effect.
  6. Reports: Kronos offers comprehensive reporting capabilities that allow organizations to generate detailed reports on various aspects of workforce management. These reports can help in analyzing trends, making informed decisions, and ensuring compliance with labor laws and company policies.

Each of these features of Kronos certification course contributes to the overall effectiveness of workforce management, helping organizations to optimize their labor resources, maintain compliance, and improve operational efficiency.


In conclusion, we wrap up our guide or the course introduction on the impressive and powerful capabilities of Kronos Workforce Management and Human Capital Management software.
Embarking on tasks without adequate understanding can lead to mistakes. Therefore, it’s crucial to eliminate any risk of failure. While various iterations of Kronos have been introduced to the market, their core functionalities remain largely consistent. It’s important to choose the version that aligns with your company’s needs, sign in, and begin your exploration to enhance your comprehension of the system. Multisoft Virtual Academy ensures that the tutorial serves its purpose effectively for the learner.

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