What is SAP Fieldglass Training: Features &Benefits?

The rising trend of incorporating contingent labor, such as freelancers, temporary workers, and statement of work (SOW) employees, into corporate workforces has highlighted the need for effective management solutions. SAP Fieldglass Training, a cloud-based, on-demand platform, addresses this necessity by offering comprehensive management of an organization’s external labor force from inception to completion. It enhances transparency throughout the external workforce’s operations and effectively mitigates associated risks. Additionally, as a Vendor Management System (VMS), SAP Fieldglass excels in overseeing a company’s vendor relationships, tracking their performance, and managing financial transactions. To gain a deeper understanding of SAP Fieldglass online course, its functionalities, advantages, and deployment strategies, continue reading this informative piece. This article by Multisoft Virtual Academy offers a thorough examination of SAP Fieldglass and its integral role in contemporary workforce management.

SAP Fieldglass certification

Define SAP Fieldglass

SAP Fieldglass is a cloud-based Vendor Management System (VMS) designed to simplify the management of an organization’s external workforce and service providers. This comprehensive SaaS platform facilitates the entire process from the initial hiring to final payment, allowing for efficient tracking of tasks, cost calculation, invoice processing, and settlement. In essence, SAP Fieldglass provides a seamless solution for connecting with, organizing, and compensating external labor.

In terms of compatibility, SAP Fieldglass boasts seamless integration with a range of SAP’s own suite of applications, including SAP Ariba for procurement processes and SAP SuccessFactors for human capital management. These integrations are carefully crafted, taking into account essential aspects like security measures, strategic alignment, and regulatory compliance. By linking SAP Fieldglass with SAP’s HRM system, the management of external staff is greatly streamlined, while its combination with SAP’s procurement solutions enables a more smooth-sailing procurement operation.

To summarize, SAP Fieldglass certification complements other SAP solutions by overseeing essential operations such as master data synchronization, asset management, and employee onboarding/off boarding processes. With this overview, you should now have a solid understanding of SAP Fieldglass’s capabilities. Next, we’ll delve into the functionality of SAP Fieldglass and how it operates.

How does it works?

SAP Fieldglass streamlines the complete cycle of procuring and compensating external or contingent labor.

1. Contingent Module: This module streamlines the management of contract workers. It digitizes the workflow of sourcing, assigning, and remunerating external labor, while also enhancing data security. Consequently, this leads to significant improvements in business efficiency.

2. Assignment Management Module: Designed for the administration of multi-assigned workers, this component facilitates the deployment, supervision, and financial settlement of tasks distributed across the external workforce. It’s instrumental in fostering operational efficacy, compliance adherence, and cost optimization.

3. Services Module: Focusing on Statement of Work (SOW) contractors and suppliers, this module eases the processes of requisitioning services, engaging service providers, executing SOW documentation, and handling billing activities.

4. Profile Worker Module: This segment manages the details of workers falling outside the SOW realm. It helps maintain a systematic record of such personnel, including contact information, services provided, identification details, granted permissions, and logged working hours, among other data points.

Key Features

  1. Workforce Management: SAP Fieldglass streamlines the complete cycle of managing an external workforce. This includes the process of hiring, initiating, completing assignments, and off boarding, with a focus on efficiency and compliance. The platform meticulously records assignment durations and ensures smooth transitions, while checklists guide asset returns, enhancing both productivity and risk management.
  2. Vendor Management: SAP Fieldglass elevates vendor oversight, promoting high-quality service while adhering to compliance standards. This leads to a balance of cost savings and increased earnings.
  3. Streamlined Service Requests and Invoicing: The platform’s automation facilities make service requests and invoice management effortless. It enables precise tracking and financial management of external services, converting timesheets into invoices with embedded tax computations, streamlining the reconciliation process.
  4. Performance Management: SAP Fieldglass provides a suite of administrative instruments designed to refine the efficiency of vendors and contract operations. With pre-built workflows, template libraries, and bulk data upload capabilities, it facilitates operation enhancement and event automation like alerts and notifications.
  5. Time and Expense Management: The application offers customizable time and expense tracking features that aid in managing worker efficiency and budgeting. It also delivers consolidated views of expenditures, aiding in financial oversight and profit augmentation.
  6. Analytics and Reporting: SAP Fieldglass’s powerful BI tool turns workforce data into actionable insights, forecasting trends to further improve workforce strategy and elevate business value.
  7. Seamless Integration: The system supports easy integration with a variety of applications using multiple formats and protocols, making SAP Fieldglass compatible with cloud-based systems and internal networks. Additionally, its dashboard and reporting tools are essential for tracking external workforce metrics and vendor efficacy, with the option to distribute these insights across platforms.


  1. Improved Visibility: SAP Fieldglass offers unparalleled transparency into the workforce and services procurement, enabling organizations to track and manage their external workforce. This visibility helps companies monitor compliance, spending, and the performance of their contingent workers and services providers.
  2. Reduced Costs: By streamlining the management of contractors and services, SAP Fieldglass helps businesses reduce administrative overheads and avoid overpaying for services. It identifies cost-saving opportunities through better market rates and vendor comparisons.
  3. Increased Compliance: With SAP Fieldglass, companies can enhance their adherence to regulatory requirements. The platform ensures all external workers are compliant with company policies and legal standards, mitigating the risk of non-compliance penalties.
  4. Increased Efficiency: The platform automates many of the processes involved in procuring and managing external talent, from requisition to payment. This automation speeds up operations and frees up internal resources, allowing companies to focus on core business activities.


SAP Fieldglass stands as a powerful centralized solution for managing external workforce engagements, streamlining the entire lifecycle from initiation to conclusion. As a compatible and integrative part of the SAP ecosystem, it enhances the efficacy and strategic management of contingent workers. It’s a pivotal tool for businesses aiming to reduce operational risks and expenses while simultaneously elevating productivity and profitability. For those looking to deepen their expertise, SAP Fieldglass training certification by Multisoft Virtual Academy, could be a transformative step, offering profound knowledge and skill development that can elevate one’s professional trajectory in the realm of workforce management solutions. It will enrich your skills in SAP Fieldglass and give you mighty wings to fly high in your career.

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