Why ITIL Certified Course is highly regarded as a step to advance your IT service career

Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is a practice or framework designed for IT companies to manage the service delivery around the world. It provides service model prescribing the process and activities during the development and delivery of the IT service. By adopting the ITIL framework, company can ensure that its service is delivered as per the defined process and incorporated with best practices. The use of ITIL process helps the company to reduce the cost of service development and improved customer satisfaction. However, a formal ITIL training is required by the IT department to understand the basics and how the process works. There are different ITIL courses which provides in-depth knowledge and helps in guiding business organization to execute best IT service practice.


ITIL certification can be used by organization to train with special technique. Aspirants taking up the ITIL course can look forward to five different levels:

  • Foundation
  • Practitioner
  • Intermediate
  • Expert
  • Master

The payscale for ITIL certified aspirant depends on the position and the experience individual carries.  In recent times, owing to the high demands of certified IT professionals, a qualified and competent ITIL professional can command high remuneration. After passing out the ITIL exam, a candidate can look forward for a good head start  professionally.  The exam lasts for 60-70 minutes and two credit points are earned by the candidate on passing out the exam. The ITIL certification cost differs depending on the varied stages. Before applying for the course, one should know that ITIL uses credit system for Foundation level course through Expert levels. ITIL works on credit system for Foundation through Expert levels in which the certification earns certain credits. Certification ITIL is step ahead to earn the expertise in IT industry.

Companies following the ITIL framework are ensuring that services are delivered with defined process to get the best return, and for this highly capable ITIL certified professionals are in increasing demands in the industry.

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