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Facets Training Certification Online Course

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Learn how to efficiently use Facets Healthcare products with Facets Training Certification Online Course from Multisoft Systems. This course will introduce you to Facets stools and capabilities for optimizing business processes. Enrol to learn from Multisoft’s global subject matter experts and avail after training support and a globally recognized training certificate.

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Facets Online Training Course Overview

Facets was developed by Cognizant in 1993 as the critical administrative processing system. The application is designed to handle medical and hospital transactions and claims from facilities, including billing, claims processing, care management, and network management workflow. It facilitates consumers; claims, care, and revenue management are all integrated into a single platform. There are numerous modules in Facets tool—subscribers/members, providers, medical, billing, NetworX, and others. The software allows improving resistance to disruptions, by generating and consuming enormous amounts of information with real-time processing capabilities and security built-in at every point of the life cycle.

Multisoft System’s Facets Training Certification Online Course will help you obtain clear understanding of all the aspects and elements of Facets platform. With Multisoft, you also get the opportunity to learn from industry experts and avail several benefits like, lifetime e-learning access, recorded training session videos and after training support. Students will receive one-on-one instructor led training sessions for this course. After successful completion of the program, students are awarded with a globally recognized training completion certificate.

Facets Training Certification Online Course Objectives:

  • Explore Facets features for claims management.
  • Overview of Facets architecture and its key functionalities.
  • How to establish an employee performance benchmark?
  • Learn more efficient and effective systems management.
  • Gain knowledge of troubleshooting and problem-solving skills.

Facets Online Training Course Content

Module1. Application Support

Diagnosis Codes Application

  • Indicative Section
  • Diagnosis Codes Effective and Termination Dates
  • User Warning Messages Section

Place of Service Description, Medical Application

  • Indicative Section

Procedure Codes Application

  • Indicative Section

Revenue Codes Application

  • Indicative Section

User-Defined Codes Application

  • Indicative

Explanation Codes Application

  • Explanation Section

Module2. Parent Group Application

Group Application

  • Indicative Section
  • Address Section
  • Billing/Cap Info Section
  • Class/Plan Section
  • Related Entities Section
  • Policy Information Section
  • Rate Data Section
  • Subgroups Section
  • Claims Pay Hold Section
  • Incoming Accumulators Section
  • Contacts Section
  • Notes Section
  • Attachments Section
  • TCS Letters

Subgroup Application

  • Indicative Section
  • Address Section
  • Class Section

Subscriber/Family Application

  • Subscriber Section
  • Members Section
  • Addresses Section
  • Subgroups Section
  • Class Section
  • Eligibility Section
  • Eligibility Inquiry Section
  • Payment Information Section
  • Auto Actions Button/Section
  • Fam. Accum. Ptr Section
  • User Warning Messages Section
  • Members Section
  • Medicaid Section Tab
  • Provider Relationship Section Tab

Enrollment Application

  • Subscriber Section
  • Modeling
  • Member Section

Module3. Plan

Plan Descriptions Application

  • Indicative Section

Product Application

  • Indicative Section
  • Business Info Section
  • Component Descriptions Application (Application Support Application Group)

Product Application

  • Components Section
  • Variable Components Section

Product Components

  • Administrative Information Application (AIAI)
  • Automatic Action Criteria Application (MCRD)
  • Automatic PCP Assignment Application/MCPA
  • Benefit Summary Descriptions Application
  • (Application Support Application Group)
  • Benefit Summary Application (BSBS)
  • Coordination of Benefits (COB) Rules Application (CBCB)
  • Duplicate Claim Rules, Medical Application (DUMD)
  • Indicative Section / Indicative Section Tab
  • Explanation of Benefits (EOB) Information Application (EBCL)
  • Processing Control Agent Application (PCAG)
  • User Warning Message Descriptions Application
  • User Warning Messages Application (WMUD)
  • Warning Messages Application (WMWM)

Service Conversion

  • Service Code Conversion
  • TOS Codes

Class/Plan Definition Application

  • Indicative Section

Service ID Descriptions Application (SEDS)

  • Indicative Section

Service/Procedure Conversion Application (TPCT)

  • Indicative Section
  • Matching Criteria
  • Service/Procedure Conversion and Service/Revenue Code Conversion
  • Linking procedure codes in the Service/Procedure Conversion application

Service/Revenue Code Conversion Application (RCCT)

  • Indicative Section
  • Supplemental Revenue Code Conversion Application (SRCT)
  • Indicative Section

Supplemental Conversion Qualifier Group Application (SCQG)

  • Indicative Section

Supplemental Procedure Conversion Rules Application (SPCR)

  • Indicative Section

Supplemental Revenue Conversion Rules Application (SRCR)

  • Service Conversion Hierarchy

Service Pricing

  • Service ID Descriptions Application (SEDS)

R&C/Schedule, Medical Application (IPRS)

  • Indicative Section

Service Pricing Application (SEPC)

  • Indicative Section

Service Definition Application (SEDF/AGSE)

  • Indicative Section

Deductible Rules

Product Application

  • Variable Components Section

Accumulator Descriptions Application

  • Deductibles and Limits sections

Deductible Rules Application (DEDE)

  • Indicative Section

Service Payment

Service Rule Definition Application (SESE)

  • Indicative Section

Service Payment Application (SEPY)

  • Indicative Section

Service Related Parameters Application (SERL)

  • Indicative Section

Limit Rules

Limit Rules Application (LTLT)

  • Indicative Section

Product Variable Components

Product Application

  • Variable Components Section


Plan Descriptions Application

  • Indicative Section

Class/Plan Definition Application (CSPI)

  • Indicative Section

Plans Section

Stop Ages/Waiting Periods Application (GPAI)

  • Indicative Section

Subscriber/Class/Eligibility – Membership Structure

Eligibility in the Enrollment Application

Eligibility Inquiry Section

Module4. Claims

Facets Claim Flow

Medical Claims Processing Application

  • Entering a Medical Claim
  • Indicative Section
  • Line Items Section
  • Medical Claims Processing Section Tabs
  • Line Items Section
  • Medical Claims Processing Menu Options
  • Coordination Of Benefits Dialog Box (COB Button)
  • Match UM Reviews Dialog Box (Match UM Button)
  • Override (Overrides Button)
  • National Drug Code Dialog Box
  • Claim Segments

Hospital Claims Processing Application

  • Indicative Section

Hospital Admit / Discharge Date Warnings

  • Line Items Section
  • Hospital Claims Processing Section Tabs
  • Line Items Section
  • Claims Inquiry Application
  • Medical Section
  • Viewing Detailed Claims Information
  • EOB/Remittance Section
  • Benefit Summary (F6)
  • Claim View
  • Limit Contributing Claims (Alt+V+L)
  • Related Service Accums (Alt+V+R)
  • Processed/Translated Codes / Diagnosis or Procedure (Alt+V+P+D/P)
  • Claims Inquiry Application
  • History Section
  • Notes Section
  • Payment Reductions Application
  • Line of Business Application
  • Hospital Claims Processing Application

Claims Processing Application (Claims Level Override)

Provider Application (Payment Info Section)

Member Accumulator Application

Accumulators Section

Family Accumulator Application

Accumulators Section

Module5. Provider

Provider Related Entity Application

Common Practitioner Application

  • Indicative Section
  • Affiliations Section
  • Certifications Section
  • Professional History Section
  • Languages Section
  • Malpractice Coverage Section
  • Registration Section
  • Sanctions Section
  • Relationships Section
  • Practitioners Section

The Practitioner Application

  • Indicative Section
  • Addresses Section
  • Capitation Sections
  • Common Practitioner Section
  • Covering Providers Section
  • IPAs Section
  • Networks Section
  • NPI History Section
  • Out of Network Section
  • Payment Info. Section
  • Programs Section
  • Provider Groups Section
  • Referral Provider Section
  • Sponsoring Section
  • Tax Information Section

Provider Group Application

  • Indicative Section
  • Facilities Section
  • Practitioners Section

IPA Application

  • Indicative Section

Facility Application

  • Indicative Section
  • Accreditations Section
  • Beds Section
  • Staff Section

Network/Plan Structure

  • Network Application
  • Indicative Section

Component Prefix Descriptions Application Indicative Section

Network Set Application (NWST)

  • Indicative Section

Network Set (NWST) Structure

  • Indicative Section

In-Area Bypass ZIP Code Pricing/Payment Logic

Network Set and Product Variable Components

Product Application

  • Variable Components Section

Network/Provider Structure

Provider Applications

  • Networks Section

Agreement, Medical Application (AGAG)

  • Indicative Section
  • Related Prefixes

Service Definition Application (AGSE)

  • Indicative Section

Facets Online Training Course Prerequisite

  • No prerequisites

Target Audience

  • IT business analysts
  • System analysts
  • IT quality assurance experts

Facets Online Training Course Completion Certificate

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Multisoft Virtual Academy provides certificates of completion to all the aspirants on successful completion of the program.

These digital credentials will allow trained professionals to present a globally-recognized record of their learning to anyone, at any time.

Multisoft Training Completion Certificate Features :
  • Globally recognized certificate with the complete name of the candidate & Multisoft Virtual Academy logo
  • Clear specification of Course ID & Course Name
  • Certificate with Date of Issuance
  • Unique certificate ID

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Facets Online Training FAQ's

Facets is core management solution that offers features to automate claims processing, billing, care management and network management workflow.

It is an automated solution used to streamline the delivery of tasks to resources; improve business processes and automate manual tasks. Facets workflow helps in reducing errors and administration to enhance customer satisfaction.

There are numerous modules available with the Facets tool such as subscribers/members, providers, medical, billing, NetworX, and others.

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