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Windows Server Training and Certification Courses

Windows Server System, currently known as Microsoft Servers, is the brand name for the series of Microsoft's server operating systems. It includes the Server editions of the Microsoft Windows OS (not any other Microsoft product) along with the products targeted at the broader business market. Microsoft Servers help the individuals, companies in introducing new layers of security, software-defined datacenters, and cloud-ready application platform.

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Windows Server is the most secure Microsoft OS that includes some substantial security enhancement features, a mini-computing environment, and a fully graphical interface. It is embedded into the core Windows Server OS and enables the companies to store instead of buying third-party tools or expensive storage solutions.

RAID stands for Redundant Array of Independent Disks strategy–it is used to store the same data at different places. This strategy is used for building fault tolerance and increasing the storage capacity.

Computer Process is a computer program that is executed consecutively by a computer system that can run several computer programs concurrently. However, a thread is a range of programs that are executable and work together as a single process.

Active Directory, a service developed by Microsoft for Windows domain networks, is an inventory-based organization that effectively controls the framework through Domain Controllers and gathers customer profiles. Windows Server operating systems are developed with this service feature.

Yes, it is possible! You can link third-party directory services to Active Directory by using different versions of Microsoft. To do this, you can use der XML or LDAP.

SAP Change Manager, Microsoft Developer (.Net/Xamarin/SharePoint), SAP CRM Technical, lead infrastructure engineer, AWS-Cloud Engineer, Windows Server Engineer, Technical Server Support for Microsoft Server, and Azure Administrator - Data Factory are some key job profiles for the certified professionals.
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